Nevada Legislation Wrap up


Construction specific bills that will become law:
Residential Recovery Fund – Increases the amount of an administrative fine which the Board may impose upon a residential contractor for failure to notify an owner of the rights of the owner relating to the Recovery Fund.

CMAR – Selection of a Construction Manager as Agent shall be done based on qualifications, not price, and limits the CMA from acting as a CMAR for the same entity for 4 years. Also, CMAR is now permanent in statute with the expiration date removed.

Temp Labor – The following acts, among others, constitute cause for disciplinary action under NRS 624.300: 7. Entering into any agreement, oral or written, express or implied, with a natural person who is not an employee of the licensee and not licensed as a contractor by which that person, either directly or through any person employed by that person, agrees to perform for the licensee any work which requires a contractor’s license.

Dept. of Wildlife review of Tentative Maps – The governing body shall consider the potential impacts to wildlife and wildlife habitat. The Board of Wildlife Commissioners may establish fees for the Department to review a tentative map not to exceed a flat fee of $250 plus not more than $5 per acre. Infill projects are excluded.

Appliance efficiency – AB383 requires NV Dept of Energy to adopt energy efficiency standards for residential and commercial appliances not currently covered by the Energy Star program, it doesn’t go into effect until 2023.

Single Stall Restrooms – Each county, city and any other governmental entity that adopts a building code shall include a requirement that any single‐stall restroom made available to the public constructed on or after October 1, 2021, be as inclusive and accessible as possible to a person of any gender identity or expression.

AB3 – Provides for the electronic transmission of maps and documents related to development.
SB138 – Makes changes to the requirements for modifying Planned Unit Developments.
AB333 – Clarifies the time frame for judicial review and exempts storm water from appropriation requirements.
SB150 – Requires jurisdictions to accommodate tiny houses through zoning.
SB205 – Clarifies that on‐demand water heaters should not be licensed by the state as boilers.
SB311 – Allows Nevada Rural Housing to create a for‐profit entity to JV on rural housing projects.