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Prominence Health Plan

Prominence Health Plan

Now more than ever, there is value and comfort in knowing you and your family have access to quality, comprehensive health care – Prominence can help.

The Nevada Builders Alliance Health Plans from Prominence have been designed exclusively for our organization and are here to help your office offer the type of health coverage your employees deserve.

Our embership businesses with two (unrelated) to 50 full-time staff can now offer high-quality, affordable insurance coverage for their employees and their families. With a Prominence Health Plan Association Plan, small employers can join as one entity to purchase the type of coverage that is traditionally available to large group employers. This results in less expensive and richer health plan options that can then be passed along to your employees.

Large Group Benefits offered by Prominence Health Plan for Small Employer Groups

  • Designed exclusively for the employees and families of NBA member groups
  • SEVEN health plan options are available, businesses can select up to three for employee choice
  • Open access, no PCP referrals required on any of the plan offerings
  • Comprehensive local provider network with some plan offerings encompassing national network coverage outside Nevada.

Enroll Anytime!

If your company currently has insurance through another carrier, you can work with your existing broker to enroll in a NEW NBA Association Health Plan – you don’t have to wait for your traditional renewal period!

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