Benefits of Membership

Thank you for your interest in supporting the construction industry! Allow us to introduce you to our programs and member benefits:

  • Benefits: Nevada Builders and Pro Group Management have developed the most successful workers compensation program for the construction industry; serving hundreds of builders since 1999.
  • Advocacy: Our most critical role at Nevada Builders, we are committed to keeping you informed on the latest policy developments and key issues affecting your business; and aggressively working those issues towards a positive outcome.
  • Workforce Development: The biggest issue facing our industry in the coming years is a skilled Workforce. By educating our youth about the opportunities that exist and developing the programs necessary for them to flourish we ensure our future success.
  • Contract Documents: Every two years the Nevada Legislature makes changes to state law that has an impact on how you conduct business. In an effort to keep you up-to-date, we have developed standard template documents for use by our members that will be updated after every legislative session.
  • Information: By providing the latest data on Residential sales/permit activity, Commercial vacancy/permit activity, Employment activity and Economic indicators we allow you to make the most informed decisions; and educate our communities/representatives on the impact of our industry.
  • Networking: Providing strategic opportunities to expand your connections, grow your business and engage with our members and communities.

It is our hope that you will consider joining the Nevada Builders Alliance. If you would like more information, please email Stacey Rich at or call our office at (775) 882-4353 x101