January 2017 Safety Corner: Working in Cold Weather

ThermoterWorking in Cold Weather

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Providing a safe and healthy workplace in construction can be a challenge when you have no control over the weather and the job must go on. Construction workers already face an environment that is likely to get them hurt without the proper planning, training and good daily decision making. When you add cold weather conditions, they must make additional considerations to protect themselves. Remember, workers face increased risks when they take certain medications, are in poor physical condition or suffer from illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension or cardiovascular disease.
Employers need to train employees to recognize symptoms of cold-related illnesses so that they may help themselves or a co-worker before they suffer a cold related injury or illness. Don’t wait until it is too late. When you plan ahead for cold weather and possible emergency situations, your workers will have a better chance of getting through the work day in safe and healthy manner.
As we start the new year, PGM Safety Services recommends taking a good look at how you are protecting your employees from the cold weather. We want to help. For more information on cold weather safety, or other construction industry safety questions or concerns, please contact PGM Safety Services, an affiliate company of Pro Group Management, and we will be happy to assist when you visit us at www.pgmnv.com or call (800) 859-3177.