Nevada Builders Alliance endorses Reno City Council Candidates


Nevada Builders Alliance endorses Reno City Council Candidates

RENO, Nev. (April 22, 2016) – As part of the Nevada Builders ongoing effort to educate and inform its members, communities and policy makers on the benefits, challenges and goals of the construction industry, the Nevada Builders Board of Directors is pleased to announce the following endorsements.  Aaron West, CEO of Nevada Builders had this to say “We are poised for tremendous opportunity in this region and the need for true leadership from our elected officials has never been greater.  The Nevada Builders and construction industry as a whole stand ready to make this region and state a better place to live, work & play!”

Ward 1: Victor Salcido

“Victor is the type of young visionary leadership the City of Reno needs at this time, his background and professionalism will allow for consensus building between ethnic, socioeconomic and professional divides.” said Aaron West of Nevada Builders “We look forward to working with Victor to address the challenges of this growing community.”

Ward 3: Oscar Delgado and Ward 5: Neoma Jardon 

The absolute leadership and effectiveness of these incumbents is reflected in the fact that they drew no opponents this election cycle.  Said Aaron West, CEO of Nevada Builders “Council members Delgado and Jardon have proven their commitment to this community, ability to innovate and willingness to make the difficult decisions.  This type of leadership is truly appreciated by the member companies of the Nevada Builders.  We will continue to work with Oscar and Neoma to make this region great.”

At-large: David Bobzien

The Nevada Builders has supported Councilman Bobzien going back to his days in the Nevada Assembly.  “This is a testament to his thoughtful decision making and vision for the regional landscape” said Aaron West with Nevada Builders “David is a strong advocate for the residents of Reno on a regional, state and federal level.”

About Nevada Builders Alliance:

The Nevada Builders Alliance, established in 1966, is a professional organization representing the construction industry; and all affiliated sectors. With over 700 member companies, representing tens of thousands of hard-working Nevadans in every corner of the state, our mission is to create a positive business environment for our member companies through legislative, benefit and workforce solutions.


Aaron West, CEO