Safety Week 2015

Sunday, May 3: May 3-9 Many construction companies host a Safety Week once a year as a way to refocus and re-energize our commitment to reducing injuries on job sites. Be A Leader In Safety. Join Us In Celebrating Safety Week 2015!

Monday, May 4: May 4-May 15, 2015, is OSHA’s National Safety Stand-down. The two week event is meant to highlight the importance of preventing falls in the construction industry. OSHA hopes to reach over three million workers during the second year of its stand-down efforts. In 2014, more than one million workers across the country joined the stand-down efforts. https://www.osha.gov/StopFallsStandDown/






Tuesday, May 5:   Many people still think construction is a dangerous industry, but newly released United States Department of Labor stats show the construction industry is safer than ever. Click here to read the full report. Want to learn about injuries specifically in Nevada? Click here. Want just the summary from the Las Vegas Review Journal? Here you go!



Wednesday, May 6: Women are a critical part of our industry. In this new video, the American Society of Safety Engineers , the world’s oldest professional safety society, focuses on some specific occupational safety and health concerns facing women at work. ‪

Also, take some time to read up on what Total considers to be The Golden Rules of Occupational Safety- Thoroughness and Vigilance. Click here. 


Thursday, May 7: With so many safety topics out there, you would think it would be easy to identify them all. In reality, since everything is a potential safety issue it can be overwhelming to know where to start. This is a link to Nevada’s Guide to Workplace Safety and it will provide you with a strategy for developing a management plan to address safety concerns in your company. It’s important that your workplace be as safe as you can possibly make it, this guide will help you accomplish that goal. Need topics for your Tool Box talks? Here is some material from Washington State Department of Labor & Industries to get you started!

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These are all pictures of construction projects happening around Nevada in 2015. First, Ikea breaks ground near Las Vegas; then shows progress being made on site of the Pennington Student Achievement Center, located in the center of UNR; finally we see our Nevada guard breaking ground on a remodeling and construction project for a state-of-the art Nevada Army Guard facility in Elko County.

Friday, May 8: The ideal goal when promoting work place safety is to ensure the utmost care and well-being for your staff, and prevent any accidents from happening. Sometimes though accidents do happen and if you haven’t considered Pro Group Management as the administrator for workers’ compensation, now is the time. Pro Group Management is the administrator of 4 self-insured groups in Nevada. Nevada employers looking to reduce costs and take more control over their workers’ compensation program have come to Pro Group and found what they are looking for: Better Service, Lower Rates, Effective Guidance and More Control. Give Pro Group a call today, 800.859.3177 or visit their website.  Workers’ comp that works for you!

2015 SIG 21 v2

Saturday, May 9: The tough-guy construction image may not go away anytime soon. But the next time you see one of the millions of men and women of our industry wearing a hard hat, just know there may be something you do not see – the photos of their children tucked inside, as their daily reminder of why safety matters. Read more from ‘From tough guys to tears: The construction industry embraces safety’, here.  Lets make every week safety week!