Great News for Nevada!

Exciting Things are Happening…

The Carson City building division hosted a meet and greet September 4th at the local office where the public had the opportunity to meet some key new figures. The people who attended were able to meet the new Building Inspector and the new Building Official. These events prove to be a great networking opportunity and a chance to ask questions to the people who are the most knowledgeable in the Carson City building industry. With all the news surrounding big business coming to Nevada, it’s a great time for the building industry! Visit our blog to find more events like these to attend.

Speaking of big business coming to our state, yesterday many people were downtown relishing in the news of Tesla’s announcement of building their new manufacturing plant in Nevada. Governor Sandoval held a press release where he and Tesla owner Elon Musk spoke about the great news and the amazing impacts on the Nevada job market and economy. For more information see this article.

Here at the Alliance we could not be more excited about the future in store. Stay tuned for more!