BAWN 2015 Awards & Installation Dinner

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Awards & Installation Dinner 2015

From all of us at Nevada Builders Alliance Builders Alliance, we would like to say thank you to those who joined us on Friday, January, 2015 for our Awards & Installation Dinner. The event was an incredible success and we appreciate you spending the evening with us. For those who could not be there, we still thank you for your support. Special thanks to the 2014 Board of Directors, and welcome to the 2015 Board.  We want to thank the people who helped make the event a success; The Grove for amazing venue and dinner, Whispering Vine for wine & gifts and Western Nevada Supply as our dinner sponsor.  Embroidery Doctor did an amazing job on our wine bottle awards and jackets.  Special thanks to Jim Peckham with FISH, a great organization, for making sure our Carson City attendees made it to and from safely.  We also want to thank everyone who participated in the Social Media Challenge, congratulations to Frame Architecture as the winner. Finally, thank you to Rackstar for donating the truck utility rack that was raffled; Congratulations to Heidi McFadden as the big winner!


Check out the gallery below to pictures of all the groups. Feel free to download them  and share on your social media.

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