In light of growing concerns regarding the COVID-19 virus Governor Sisolak addressed Nevada’s residents last night, informing them that all non-essential businesses would be closed for the next 30 days. Upon further clarification, we want to thank the governor’s office for acknowledging the importance and impact of the construction industry as essential. This means professional offices, suppliers, service providers, construction personnel and even realtors can continue to operate, however, we implore you to follow the CDC guidelines for hygiene practices and social distancing.

Also, we have a commitment from every city and county to continue to process new and pending applications/permits and perform inspections. Protocols are changing rapidly so check with the individual jurisdictions for their specific process, be it digital submittal, drop off, virtual, etc. Understand that this is going to require an amazing amount of creativity and collaboration. We are so thankful to have such committed public servants and ask that you be extra patient, extra grateful and be excessively thorough and thoughtful with your requests.

We urge all of our member companies and industry partners to stay informed on the latest news, facts and protocols at: Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.