2017 Legistalature

Legislation that passed the 2017 legislature

Construction Priorities
AB5 Provides for the creation of certain local improvement districts. (BDR 22-233)
Providing for the creation of certain local improvement districts that include an energy efficiency improvement project or a renewable energy project
Sponsor: Committee on Government Affairs

AB399 Establishes the Nevada State Infrastructure Bank and revises provisions relating to certain public works. (BDR 35-1129)
Establishing the Nevada State Infrastructure Bank; providing for the governance of the Bank by a Board of Directors; establishing the powers and duties of the Board of Directors; providing for the administration of the Bank by an Executive Director to the extent that certain money is available
Sponsor: Bustamante Adams

SB246 Revises provisions relating to public works. (BDR 28-667)
Revising provisions governing a contract for a public work involving a construction manager at risk and extending the prospective expiration of said provisions
Sponsor: Manendo, Hardy, Parks, Settelmeyer, Hammond, Atkinson, Denis and Farley

SB338 Revises provisions relating to contractors. (BDR 2-518)
Revising provisions governing the statute of limitations to bring an action against an original contractor for the recovery of certain wages and benefits; revising provisions relating to mechanics’ and material men’s lien claimants
Sponsor: Settelmeyer

SB546 Authorizes and provides funding for certain projects of capital improvement. (BDR S-1187)
Capital Improvement Program budget, including $346 million in projects ranging from college educational buildings to a Reno veterans nursing home
Sponsor: Committee on Finance

Education Priorities
SB19 Revises provisions relating to dual credit courses. (BDR 34-227)
Prescribing the requirements for a pupil to enroll in a dual credit course; providing that the State Board of Education must not unreasonably limit the number of dual credit courses in which a pupil may enroll
Sponsor: Committee on Education

SB66 Revises provisions relating to work-based learning programs. (BDR 34-254)
Removing the limitation on the amount of high school credit a pupil may earn for successful completion of certain work programs
Sponsor: Committee on Education

SB441 Revises provisions relating to workforce development. (BDR 18-1122)
Authorizing a regional development authority to apply to the Office of Economic Development for a grant of money for the support of programs to develop workforce in the region
Sponsor: Committee on Revenue and Economic Development

SB516 Revises provisions governing workforce innovation and apprenticeships. (BDR 53-913)
Creating the Office of Workforce Innovation within the Office of the Governor; and revising the membership, procedures and duties of the State Apprenticeship Council
Sponsor: Committee on Commerce, Labor and Energy

Industry Priorities
AB54 Revises provisions relating to reports of certain accidents or motor vehicle crashes by employers. (BDR 53-160)
Law requires an employer to report to the Division of Industrial Relations any accident or motor vehicle crash which results in inpatient hospitalization of an employee, the amputation of a part of an employee’s body, an employee’s loss of an eye, is fatal to one or more employees or which results in the hospitalization of three or more employees
Sponsor: Committee on Commerce and Labor

SB44 Authorizes the State Public Works Division to issue certain permits. (BDR 28-238)
Authorizing the Department of Public Works to issue to a person certain permits for the planning, maintenance or construction of buildings and structures on property of the State or held in trust for the State
Sponsor: Committee on Government Affairs

SB442 Revises provisions relating to economic development. (BDR 32-1001)
Revising the requirements to obtain a partial abatement of certain taxes; Providing for the abatement of certain taxes on a project located at multiple sites; Authorizing a municipality to create an improvement district for a rail project; Revising provisions governing the creation of a tax increment area by a municipality
Sponsor: Committee on Revenue and Economic Development