Nevada Builders Alliance endorses Northern Legislative Candidates


Nevada Builders Alliance endorses Northern Legislative Candidates

Reno, Nev. (April 28, 2016) – As part of the Nevada Builders ongoing effort to educate and inform its members, communities and policy makers on the benefits, challenges and goals of the construction industry, the Nevada Builders Board of Directors is pleased to announce the following endorsements.  Aaron West, CEO of Nevada Builders had this to say “We are poised for tremendous opportunity in this region and the need for true leadership from our elected officials has never been greater.  The Nevada Builders and construction industry as a whole stand ready to make this region and state a better place to live, work & play!”  West continued “We are proud to support this list of incumbents for their great work in the 2015 legislative session, they made difficult decisions to move this state forward while finally fixing numerous policies that will benefit the business community for years to come.”
Endorsements for Legislative Incumbent:

State Senate   

19 – Pete Goicoechea


State Assembly          

31 – Jill Dickman          33 – John Ellison          39 – Jim Wheeler          40 – Philip “PK” O’Neil

Said Aaron West of Nevada Builders “While we typically don’t endorse open seats in the primary, the challengers listed below have undeniable credentials and will add tremendously to policy and process in the 2017 session.  We look forward to working with these legislators for years to come.”


Endorsements for Legislative Challengers:

State Senate

15 – Heidi Gansert


State Assembly          

25 – Jill Tolles          26 – Jason Guinasso


About Nevada Builders Alliance:

The Nevada Builders Alliance, established in 1966, is a professional organization representing the construction industry; and all affiliated sectors. With over 700 member companies, representing tens of thousands of hard-working Nevadans in every corner of the state, our mission is to create a positive business environment for our member companies through legislative, benefit and workforce solutions


Aaron West, CEO